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Year in Review - 2008

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Another study corroborates the model that inflammation leads to cancer  

Here’s another study that supports the large body of evidence that chronic inflammation plays a significant role in the development and progression of cancers.

Also note the genetic predisposition to high expression of inflammatory cytokines that explains why some susceptibilities to cancers are inherited.

Since we can’t pick our parents, the best we can do is to avoid triggers of and keep tight control of inflammation. 



What a Pain!  

This study suggests that pain plays a role in triggering inflammation.

In my opinion this is probably true. The evidence for the reciprocal relationship between pain and inflammation is strong. We have long known that inflammation causes pain.

This relationship also explains the rapid rise in the use of pain medications.

The question is, what’s the best way to control pain & inflammation? Yes, I would lean toward controlling inflammation to deal with both. Though there are situations where acute pain treatment is appropriate along with controlling inflammation.

You’ve heard the saying, “No pain, no gain”. My motto is, “No pain, no pain”.

Just remember, where there’s pain, there’s inflammation. 



Low-carbohydrate and Mediterranean diet are safe and effective alternatives  

This study is very sound and it shows that Low- carbohydrate and Mediterranean diets are not only safe and effective alternatives but also superior to the low-fat diet. 


New diet for weight loss: Carbs & protein in the morning then low-carb the rest of the day.  

Researchers found that women who had a big breakfast packed with carbohydrates and protein, and then followed a low carbohydrate, low calorie diet for the rest of the day, were more successful at losing weight and keeping the weight off than women on strict low carbohydrate diets. This may be a significant improvement in a low-carb diet. I suspect that there is a metabolic advantage in eating carbs this way. Proofs in the pudding! Thanks to Jan for bringing this to my attention. 


Coronary-artery calcium predict coronary heart disease independently of traditional coronary risk factors in diverse racial and ethnic groups  

This study shows that calcium scoring is reliable for cardiovascular disease even across racial and enthnic groups.

Remember the cause and the effect; calification is a marker of chronic inflammation. That’s not to say that damaged and calcified tissues can’t trigger inflammation, …they can. There’s that reciprocal relationship again. 



The health benefits of sulforaphane found in broccoli  

This research group confirmed that sulforaphane interacts with a protein called Nrf2, which serves as a master regulator of the body’s overall antioxidant response and is capable of switching on hundreds of antioxidant and rejuvenating genes and enzymes.

The net effect is that sulforaphane can significantly tighten the body’s control of inflammation and enhance it’s immunity to disease.

SeleNext is a product that I recommend in a comprehensive supplement regimen to control inflammation and support overall health. Note that each capsule contains broccoli seed extract that provides 9 mg of sulforaphane glucosinolate. 



Risk remains after use of HRT is discontinued  

This report suggests that the cancer risk associated with HRT remains even after the therapy is discontinued. 



European researchers report in a new study  

When reading this report, remember the common link between obesity and cancer risk is inflammation. It’s not being overweight that raises the risk of cancer, it’s just a sign that one is dealing with an inflammatory disease. So, substitute inflammation and obesity and you will have a better understanding of what’s going on. 




Can a Drug That is Suppose to Helps Hearts be Harmful to the Brain?  

Our bodies need cholesterol, especially our central nervous system. This report suggests that statins may cause brain damage and cognitive dysfunction.

In my opinion, it is plausible. 



Diabetes costs USA more than wars, disasters, study says  

Jan Mickelson brought this report to my attention.

Though the toll of diabetes is high, I can only image what the estimates would be if they figured the cost of chronic inflammation. It would include the cost of diabetes and much more… 



Study of Alpha Lipoic Acid Discovers Many Benefits  

This study is significant. It suggests that alpha lipoic acid has many beneficial effects, which doesn’t surprise me because controlling inflammation yields relief from disease.

The study discovered that supplements of alpha lipoic acid inhibits heart disease, lowers triglycerides, reduce blood vessel inflammation and weight gain –all key issues for addressing cardiovascular disease.

I have recommended alpha lipoic acid for many years and that experience corroborates this study. 



Inflammatory Foods  

This article, Inflammatory Foods is well written and worthy of reading. Just ignore the advertisments for Lipitor… 



Effects of a high-protein ketogenic diet on hunger, appetite, and weight loss in obese men feeding ad libitum  

This new study suggests that the low-carb diet is the most effective for weight loss.

The diet is also effective when used long term. This study fails to note the most important benefit and that is the reduction of inflammation. 



The abuse of psychiatric in children diagnosed with ADHD and/or bipolar  

The Medicated Child. The treatment for ADHD / bipolar disorder will significantly improve when the psychiatric community realize that inflammation plays a major role in these diseases. 



Deep slow-wave sleep is necessary to avoid disease  

This is a very enlightening study that demonstrates that lack of deep sleep results in insulin resistance.

A press release about this study can be found here.

We know that sleep is important for maintaining our health. However, this new study suggests that specifically deep sleep is essential.

Note that as we age the amount of deep sleep declines. “Sleep like a baby.” Remember, in disease there are many reciprocal relationship between cause and effect. We know that inflammation causes insomnia and this study suggests that the reciprocal is also true.

So, how do we ensure optimal health? Again, by avoiding triggers of inflammation and by following a comprehensive regimen that keeping tight control of inflammation. 


The Post Meal Sugar Peak  

Here’s another report that corroborates the benefits of a low-carb diet.

Not only are diabetics susceptible to post meal sugar peaks and the inflammation and disease that follows, all of us are susceptible to this.